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May ’15 Special Needs Event


How do you help people see things differently?

You bring life into focus.


                    That is precisely what my team of photographers and I have the mind to do.

This May 17th, in honor of Autism Awareness month, our group of skilled, professional photographers will be volunteering their art and time to bring greater awareness of the beautiful personalities behind the generic label of “Special Needs”. Among other more specific generalities like “Autism” and “Down Syndrome”, there is a larger group of families that consider themselves to be a part of this category. Some have physical needs like “Tubies”, children who can only eat through a tube. Others fight issues that are harder for the untrained eye to notice. Still others may be facing medical hardships or debilitating diseases.

One of the most important things that our group of photographers intends to capture is the intelligence and joy inside each of these people. Booking ages ranging from infants to adults, each person has a specific personality that is often ignored or simply overlooked by passers-by. When captured with a camera, all of a sudden these emotions that were once perceived as hidden, are brought to light and appreciated on a whole new level. This is event is tailored only for families of those with special needs.


How will the photographers be able to tailor the sessions for my families needs?

This year, all booking will be online with a questionnaire to fill out that will help us understand your family and how to best photograph them.  Some questions you will be asked will apply to the physical restrictions and comfort levels of your loved ones. Unless otherwise requested, I will pair you with a photographer based on their strengths and experience.

How long are these sessions?

 Each session will last up to 20 minutes. We do this to not only be able to provide this service to many families in one day, but also so that we do not tax those with sensory issues. Quick, sweet and natural is the goal. However, longer sessions may be booked separately through the photographers. Each photographer has a different way of pricing and booking outside of this event.

What will this year’s event look like?

We have had quite a few people offer their land for this event. I am currently in the process of looking at different lands to see which would best accommodate our clients. Many of these lands boast of creeks, ponds, trees, walkways, gazebos and barns. Wheelchair access is a main focus. All are in the greater Murfreesboro area.

What are the costs and what does my family receive?

This year, all of the proceeds will be donated to Possibility Place, a day school for adults with special needs of all kinds. Each session will be $25, due at booking and each family will receive 3 images on a beautiful online gallery to download and print. This gives us the chance to bless an amazing amount of families!

This event is not about making money. We want ALL families that are interested to be able to participate. However, if someone cancels, they are not eligible to book sessions for any future events.

When you say “family” who does that include?

Booking for this event is for your immediate family only. Extended family sessions may be booked separately through your photographer.

Will my images be sold?

No. Your images will not be sold. Although we do own the copyrights, we will not sell any images. None will be used for stock images. We will use them in various medias to promote this event in the future or on our sites to show our work. This will be stated in the questionnaire/ agreement that you sign. You will own the printing rights only and may not sell or publish any images you receive.

What happens if there is bad weather?

Bad weather does happen, it happened last year and the event still went on. The images were exciting and creative however, we do have a back up date of May 31st. We ask that you keep both of these dates open and on your calendar. We will consider rescheduling if there is a 50% chance of rain or more on that day. We will not make the call until the morning of the 17th and you will be notified by phone from your photographer.

Who are the photographers this year?

We have quite a few photographers interested this year, 5 confirmed, more possible! The list of photographers will be available soon…

Kristi Summers @ KSummers Photography

Kelly Thompson @ Kelly Thompson Photography

I do not have any Special Needs in my family, but would love to donate. Can my family participate in this event?

Yes! You may make a donation of any amount that will go directly to Possibility Place or if you have land you would like to allow use of for the event, you may contact me below. We also may have use for assistants, if you are interested. If you are a vendor that may be interested is donating supplies to help the day go smoother or things to further bless these families, you can contact me at the phone number or email below.

BOOKING IS OPEN- PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR REGISTRATION- It will then direct you to a page to choose and pay for your time slot.